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Coming Soon To A Cinema Near You!

You Can Download The Torque Movie Trailer Here

Quick Matt Facts.....

Matt has appeared in some major hollywood movies, such as....The Fast and The Furious, Blade 1 & 2, and The Transporter. He has also starred in two independant movies, Downward Angel, and Dementia. Along with appearences in Charmed, Pacific Blue, and Seventh Heaven.

Matt is not only a brilliant actor, but he's also a musician too, and hopes to one day put an album together.

Currently Matt is in Tennessee Filming a movie with Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda, and Asia Argento, called "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" based on the book by J.T Leroy.

For More Information On The Movie and the Book, Click Here!

He has recently been in Poland filming a movie with Steven Segal, called Out Of Reach, and we heard for a reliable source that Matt is working on a movie about the life of the inspirational and extremely talented Jason Becker.

Matt's most recent Hollywood project Torque is out in the US on January 16th 2004. In which he plays badass, drug dealer and biker gang leader, Henry!

Torque Release Dates

USA 16 January 2004 

UK 5 March 2004 

New Zealand 5 February 2004 
Germany 12 February 2004 
France 18 February 2004 
Belgium 31 March 2004 
Netherlands 15 April 2004 



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