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The Unofficial Matt Schulze Rehab Clinic
Are You An Addict?

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  • You own ALL Matts movies on either DVD and Video (Or both)
  • You know all Matts lines from all his roles, even the Dream Sorcerer.
  • You know just when to look up during the appropriate movie to see Matt on screen!
  • You sat through an hour of Claire Forlani, Freddie Prinze JR and Jason Biggs in Boys and Girls just so you could see Matt as the sexy bad boy Paul!
  • You have worn out your Blade video/DVD watching Matt scenes as Crease over and over.
  • You scan through online and print TV guides every week in the hope that, his Charmed, 7th Heaven, or Pacific Blue episodes will be playing.
  • You talk about Matt constantly with your friends, not satisfied until they are fans too.
  • You have to watch a Matt movie at least once a day.
  • You have to look at pictures of Matt more than five times a day
  • You notices all the little details about him, his personality, his looks, his tattoos. EVERYTHING
  • You have read and reread the interviews he has done, at least 10 times.
  • You dont just love his characters, you admire and respect him as an actor and a person.
  • You wake up thinking about him, and fall asleep doing the same. You cannot function properly without some form of Matt around you or with you. For Example, a picture of Matt is kept with you all the time. In your purse/wallet, on your desk or files and books.

If You have agreed to seven or more of these statement, you are well and truly addicted!

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