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The Dictionary Of Matt

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DISCLAIMER: 96% of the words listed here are rehab originals. We ask that if you choose to use an orignal word outside of rehab (i.e other boards, fics, etc) please simply post a note of who created the word. Thanks.

Mattalicious - Matt'a'lici'ous

The deliciousness that is Matt.

1. Having strong sensual or sexual appeal; seductive.
2. Richly appealing to the senses or the mind: a luscious, vivid description.

Mattness - Matt'ness

The life altering condition that Matt addicts are suffering from. Symptoms include: Lost of lower jaw control. Weakness in the knees and possible other limbs. Loss of higher brain functions. Uncontrollable drooling. Inability to think of anything but Matt. Overwhelming necessity to view pictures or watch video footage staring Matt.

Mattittude - Matt'ittude

Used describe something that is impressive for its contents and relation to Matt.
1: Mainly Matt based art forms, Fan Fiction, Poetry, Drawings, etc.
2: Something that is linked to Matt, example: Movie, interview, pictures. Have Mattitude.
3: A state of mind or a feeling; disposition.

Mattastic - Matt'tast'ic
Used to describe something that is extremely special.

Mattasy - Mattasy
A fantasy staring Matt: An imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need.

Mattgasm - Matt'gas'um
The feeling Matt addict gets when seeing new pictures, reading new interviews/answered questions, or watching video footage. Intense feelings of psychical and emotional excitement.

Matt Moment

1:Any moment during a regular day, when thoughts of Matt appear for no reason.
2: A moment or random event that reminds you of Matt or one of the characters he has portrayed.

Viewing several or all of Matts movies in close concession.

MattOD -
An over dose of Matt. Which causes loss of all brain functions, drooling and induces a euphoric trance like state.

Matt Fix
A dose of Matt in visual or textual form. Usually needed at least three times a week for a Matt addict.

Mattosexual Matt'o'sexual (Created by Elinor)
The inability to look at another male without comparing them to Matt. The inability to even contemplate intimacy with another man other than Matt Schulze. Example: See Elinor.

Matticillin - MattIclillin
The only known cure for Mattness. A placebo.

Mattjesty - Mattjesty
1: Symbolising Matts astounding abilities.
2: Used in the belief Matt is the king.
3: One of many pet names given to Matt by addicts.

Schulzter Schulz'ter
Another nick/pet name for Matt.

Copyrightę ECP 2004 (Created by ElinorCP January 5th 2004)

More will be added as time goes by, if you have any words to add, please feel free to email us at and we'll add your word to "The Dictionary Of Matt"

The Dictionary Of Matt Is Purely For Fun and is in no way to be construde as a real dictionary. Althought we're working on getting a few added to a real one!!